Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • gopi544
    10-30 05:02 PM
    i worked for 5 years (2005 till now), i will have 4 w2`s and they are asking for all w-2. i have all the w2`s expect for 2006 form previous company which i left in feb 2006.

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  • greyhair
    04-04 08:28 PM
    Hi All,

    Me and my wife are on EAD. We want to open LLC. Right now I am doing consulting in IT firm. My wife is not working anywhere. What are TAX and immigration consequences if we open LLC on my wife's name?

    Questions we have..

    1. Can I become parnter easily once my status got changed from EAD to GC?
    2. Once my wife start LLC, can she work for another company e.g. Software consulting?
    3. What would be tax bracket for my owner of LLC?

    You can start LLC or 'C' corp on EAD. No consequences. You cannot start 'S' corp on EAD. See this:

    1.) Yes, but you cannot work for it without filing H1 if you are on H1 status. You can even become a partner on EAD.
    2.) Yes
    3.) Depends on your state of registration. Contact Department of State in your state of residence. In Texas you have to pay $750/yr even if you are not doing any business in LLC.

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  • tradahoo
    09-04 08:10 PM

    Anyone knows about filing for PERM on the 6th year of H1B? Will it still eligible for H1B extension?

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  • gemini23
    07-02 08:56 AM
    Please christ sake, please stop posting the things you HEAR. as per the visa bulletin , things are still current. Check the bulettin before posting, and save a couple of people who would die of strokes.


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    03-23 10:04 AM

    As long as the duties and requirements remain the same, I dont think you will have a problem.

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  • jnraajan
    04-11 03:19 PM
    USCIS is the US Govt..You do not tell Uncle SAm how to do their job....!!

    Actually, that is not true. USCIS is part of US Govt. That is true. But, the department is run exclusively on the funds generated by receipt fees. So, they do have a responsibility towards us. dont you think


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  • neelu
    01-04 11:00 AM

    The silence from those of us not affected by the green card process who are legal immigrants is annoyingly deafening. The entire economy has picked up now and yet legislation takes forever to pass!

    What does it take for lawmakers to turn their heads? People holding placcards and signs on streets protesting? Is that the only way to have something heard? Obviously, written articles such as these isn't helping!

    Dear Vatsa,

    I'll tell you what it takes.

    It takes strength, both in membership and money. And the former helps bring the latter.

    Please help introduce a member to IV by Jan 15th. Help create our own voice (to break the annoying silence that you talk about).

    Encourage others to participate in the Add ONE Member campaign started by IV.

    Thank you.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-11 03:31 PM
    Google "Cronin Memorandum" and you will get lot of information with regards to H1 and AP.


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  • swaroopmukka
    07-24 05:50 PM

    My Present H1B stamp is with company A and expires November 20 2007. Now I'm with company B and with this I have my petetion (H1B approval) which expires June 20 2008. Now I'm travelling to India for my marriage and coming back September 8. I'm not getting the new stamp this time. Will I have any problem during the immigration ??

    Also with my present papers, my wife would be attending her visa Interview on Sep 4. Will there be any problem for her at the interview ???

    Thanks in Advance

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  • sandeep219
    03-27 04:37 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    I have a question related to my H1b. I used to work for employer A till Feb 2, 2007(Friday) and then moved on to employer B. I started on a project for employer B on Feb 12, 2007(Next Monday). At that time it was decided that my start date for Employer B would be Feb 5, 2007 to maintain the continuity in the job experience, although the project start date was Feb 12.

    Now I have moved on from Employer B to C and employer B is saying that they can provide an experience letter showing start date as Feb 12th only because thats how they had it setup at that time.

    This effectively means that I had no job for a week Feb 5-10. I am sure that employer A didnt canceled my H1b so I dont think I was out of status, but can this "out of job" status affect my GC or any other immigration related processing in future?

    As you would notice, this is my first post so please excuse me if a similiar question was asked earlier. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.



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  • ivuser9
    09-25 09:34 PM
    we need to wait till we get the letter from USCIS to see what they requested for... it is typically an RFE

    Good luck

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  • kirupa
    05-02 05:05 PM
    HAHA - very clever :)


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  • desi485
    11-13 01:57 PM
    As far as I know, you can file (or even decide not to file if you have H-1) anytime. This should not be an issue. In fact, one my friend's was in similar boat, he filed his EAD after gap of 3 months and got it approved.

    EAD is only a backup for most of us if we are working on H1B. But it is better to have it renewed as you never know when you may have to use it due to layoff, firing or any other unfortunate event. It is more likely to happen due to current state of economy. CIS allows us to continue working on EAD after 180 days of filling 485 under AC21 rule.

    However there are some unfortunate incidents going on where IO wrongfully denied 485 petitions when a person changed jobs using AC-21. I urge you to take part in IV AC-21 letters campaign which will help you and all of us to survive any unfortunate, unforseen job loss due to current downturn in economy. It is actully very easy, just print 4 pages and mail it thru' USPS. Won't even cost you $2. Remember this for yours and our future and peace of mind. ( I humbly request you to do so for sake of our community. Thanks!

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  • ashutosa
    07-31 11:59 PM
    Dear Madam,

    My wife is also in the same situation, I am not sure if you have found the response from anyone, but i would really appreciate if you can share your findings about the same question..



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  • eb3_nepa
    02-14 01:21 PM
    I am not from NOLA, but i recommend naming the title of any thread more than just one word. The simple reason being, it gets lots in the list of other threads on the R.H.S. Just a suggestion

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  • arrarrgee
    07-17 02:04 PM
    I am not sure if core can post the info even if they have....This is a material non public information...could be liable for damages

    Not to pressure you or anything, it would be great if you can post what you may not be 100% certain....that is fine.


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  • kannan2010
    11-12 07:15 PM
    I am working as a biomedical research fellow on a J1 visa for the last 3 years in a non-profit research institute but they cannot sponsor my H1B. I am planning to get a J1 waiver and apply for H1B as I plan to work in the private industry. I am not sure whether I can apply for H1B without an employment offer? I would appreciate any suggestions.

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  • sandyn16
    08-08 08:21 AM
    I have used TataAIG insurance from India on 4-5 occasions for my in laws and my parents and I found it to be good. On one occasion we also got around $4000 reimbursed from them (in Indian Rupees) for the hospital expenses incurred for my in laws. Here is my take on the Visitor Insurance.

    You have two options -

    1> Get visitor medical insurance from USA (various company names are at
    Advantages - Dont have to pay money upfront for hospital charges, but its kinda expensive then insurance from India.

    2> Get visitor medical insurance from India
    Advantages - this can cover insurance when in-flight also and for luggage also.
    Disadvantages - Might have to pay money upfront for hospital expenses, and get reimbursed back in India.

    Please note that this can be different from vendor to vendor. Also any existing ailments are not covered.

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  • bayarea07
    07-21 09:26 PM
    can anyone please respond to my query above.

    salvador marley
    04-24 05:47 PM
    sorry here

    02-15 06:07 PM
    Texans & Californians don't you want to sign up ? House judiciary sub-committee for immigration is 80% CA & TX

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